ALA Annual Fellows Presentations

The Lilead Fellows will be presenting on the exhibit floor of the ALA Annual Conference 2016 in Orlando this weekend! They will be in Booth #1345 with Junior Library Guild.

The Fellows, school district library supervisors from across the country, will each present on their individual accomplishments during the Lilead program, and then they will come together to present on an Leadership, Community, and Transformational Change.

Individual Presentations Schedule and Abstracts

Saturday, 9:30-9:45: Shari Blohm

Shaping the Future of Library Programs in Prince George’s County Public Schools

A commitment to shaping the county’s library programs to support targeted systemic areas of literacy in Prince George’s County Public Schools.  Included will be a snapshot of collaborative plans to re-energize library programming to meet the needs of all students.

Saturday, 9:45-10:00: Sarah Searles

Raising Expectations: Hearts First

Brief Summary: Initially inspired by an unusual-yet-apt metaphor, Sarah set out to enact transformation in her district by creating vehicles to drive toward heightened expectations for library services, both from among outside stakeholders and from within the ranks of the librarians themselves.  After some disappointing results and a major learning curve, however, she discovered the necessity of hooking constituents by the heartstrings first, in order to create the conditions for lasting change.

Saturday, 10:00-10:15: Susan K.S. Grigsby

Reframing the House that Jack Built

When Susan K.S. Grigsby became the first media supervisor in her district, she took on a department that lacked focus or direction with school media centers staffed by non-certified teachers and paraprofessionals. By building a standard of practice based on the Media Keys Effectiveness System, she is slowly bringing school libraries/librarians back into the conversations about personalized learning, district literacy goals, and direct impact on the system’s Learner Profile.

Saturday, 10:15-10:30: Erin Downey

When Leadership is a Miyazaki Movie: Wandering Heroines, Floating Castles, and Mystical Pillars

On the large scale, my work with the Boise School District reads like a Miyazaki storyboard–after chasing down and gathering ideas from a number of different places and projects, the result is at times elegant, poetic, and all over the place.

Saturday, 11:30-11:45: Dr. Cathi Fuhrman

School Libraries Leading the Way to Inquiry Based-Learning

This presentation will show how Dr. Fuhrman has begun to lay the groundwork for transforming instruction in the Hempfield School District through inquiry-based learning. She will share a multifaceted approach of targeting professional development in the library department and classroom teacher inservice programs, gaining support from the district leadership team, using observations of library instruction and keeping the IBL goal at the forefront of all decision making. Inquiry-based learning has now become language that is used throughout the leadership team as one facet of achieving our district’s comprehensive plan and mission.

Saturday, 11:45-12:00: Kathy Moore, Ed.D.

Positive Exposure for Equity

This presentation describes a plan for supporting the library program in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District through strategic positive exposure. Positioning themselves as thought leaders in the district, the librarians have built a coalition of experts committed to collaboration, research and continuous training to support the district initiatives.

Saturday, 12:00-12:15: Dedra Van Gelder

Librarian = Leader: Cultivating Library Leaders

Saying that someone should be a leader doesn’t make them one. It made perfect sense to me that librarians should be instructional leaders in their buildings, however  many of my staff did not feel ready to take on that role. With the support of  Lilead, I am strategically helping my librarians cultivate the leader within through identifying their strengths, encouraging them to work from those strengths, and presenting them with authentic  opportunities to lead.

Saturday, 12:15-12:30: Robert Jones

Teacher-Librarians Prepare Students for College and Careers

Teacher-Librarians are leaders in teaching students to be effective users and producers of information and ideas to prepare them for college and careers. Including an overview of the current work on a new teacher-librarian evaluation and emphasis on inquiry learning, this presentation describes the present journey we are on to ensure that teacher-librarians are instrumental in the technology integration with instruction at schools.

Saturday, 1:30-1:45: Leslie Yoder

Building School Libraries on a Rocky Foundation

This large urban district set out to rebuild the School Library Program with all the crucial pieces – leadership, licensed librarians, and support – in place. Then things changed. How one leader navigates an obstacle-strewn terrain to ensure equity for students.

Saturday, 1:45-2:00: Stephanie Ham       

Laying the Foundation: Building Librarian Leaders through Professional Development

It is said to be a natural fit, librarians and leadership, however that isn’t always the case. In order to build and implement strong library programs, librarians in Nashville learned through Professional Development how to talk the language of administrators, advocate for their program through practice and be a leader that principals want to support.

Saturday, 2:00-2:15: Priscille Dando

Transformational Learning Through Inquiry

Students thrive as librarians lead in creating student-centered learning environments through Guided Inquiry Design.

Saturday, 2:15-2:30: Jane Prestebak

It Takes Two: The Library Media Specialist and Technology Integration Specialist as a Team

Review of local and published research on the roles of the library media specialist and technology integration specialist to a full-service learning commons.

Sunday, 9:30-9:45: Mary Keeling

Coaching for Inquiry:  Pushing into the Classroom

In Newport News, Virginia, teams coach teachers to support inquiry learning.  The most effective teams include a librarian and a reading coach. At one school teachers established inquiry stations in their classrooms and the inquiry team supported them with professional development and other resources and structures.

Sunday, 9:45-10:00: Robin Stout

Building a District-Wide Culture and Climate of Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is a critical component to any educational technology initiative. In our constantly connected world, we must boldly lead to ensure that students and educators understand what it means to be a good digital citizen. Most importantly, we must model expectations through our own digital presence. Using Ribble’s nine pillars of digital citizenship, the presenter will offer strategies for developing and implementing a powerful digital citizenship program. Lewisville ISD will share our implementation processes and materials which will allow you to walk away new materials to utilize in your implementation plan.

Sunday, 10:00-10:15: Ann Morgester

Engagement, Access and Literacy – The New Library Mantra

Moving libraries from warehouses of books to learning centers focuses on creating Engagement, Access, and Literacy through changing beliefs about collection development and what the students we actually have now need. Not the students we used to have, wish we had, or think we have.

Sunday, 10:15-10:30: Rachel Altobelli

Building Capacity Through Times of Transition

Will focus on working to lay the groundwork for future initiatives through administrative transitions in the district. Without clearly defined district goals, it made more sense to work on creating future advocates and preparing for more partnerships in the future.

Sunday, 11:30-11:45: Kathryn Lewis

Learning That Matters

Norman Public Schools recognizes that all students require unique skills to participate in a changing global society. To this end, we wanted to provide our students with opportunities and learning strategies that nurture innovation, collaboration, exploration, and creativity.  Teacher librarians are key in the success of this district paradigm shift by implementing a guided inquiry model that fosters deeper learning and the creation of new knowledge focused on student interest and real world problems – learning that matters.

Sunday, 11:45-12:00: Maria Petropulos

Tackling the Teacher Librarian Crisis in California: One School District’s Journey

How one innovative and forward-thinking school district in California is investing in their school libraries and hiring Teacher Librarians.

Sunday, 12:00-12:15: Suzanna L. Panter

The School Administrator’s Guide to School Library Programs

This presentation will demo an online class module, created to strengthen school administrators understanding of effective school library programs. The module will also showcase how school administrators can leverage the school library program to achieve the continuous improvement goals of their building.   

Sunday, 12:15-12:30: Jennifer Boudrye

Raising the Ceiling and the Floor: Concurrently Rebuilding and Improving School Library Programs in DC

Is it possible to rebuild a district school library program to 100% fully staffed after a 60% cut while also raising expectations for what library programs can and should be? In two years? Yes! Jennifer Boudrye, Director of Library Programs, District of Columbia Public Schools will discuss the steps (and stumbles) taken to put DCPS libraries on the path to excellence for every student.

Sunday, 1:30-1:45: Carol Robinson

Life’s a Garden, Dig It! Enthusiasm Produced By Combining Technology with Inquiry 

Carol Robinson, from rural Idaho, will be presenting on how her district library program has allowed enthusiasm to build amongst the older students, who are sometimes not engaged in their school work or projects as younger students. This enthusiasm has been produced by combining technology with inquiry-based projects both in the classrooms and libraries. (Pre-recorded)

1:45-2:00: Amy Soma

District Initiatives = Library Priorities

Changing perceptions and collecting evidence. (Pre-recorded)

Sunday, 2:00-2:15: David Blattner

Redefining the Work

Iredell Statesville Schools set out to recraft the job description of the School Library Media Specialist so that it looks more towards the future of the media center. This was done through a collaborative effort from senior leadership to media specialist.

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