The Lilead Fellows Program

The Lilead Fellows Program is an advanced and intensive professional development program designed to empower, enable, and equip school district library supervisors to think differently and creatively about their library programs and to be effective and inspirational leaders for change in their districts. Conducted in part with funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), the Lilead Fellows Program is in its first year, having had its first face-to-face meeting just prior to the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Chicago, Illinois and second meeting in College Park, MD at the Summer Institute in July 2015.

25 Fellows from districts across the country are currently engaged in an 18-month program of virtual and face-to-face learning and sharing through online communication applications, at meetings during ALA and AASL conferences, and, just recently, at a Summer Institute held in the Washington, DC, area in July 2015.

The Fellows Program will enable library supervisors to:

  • Look toward the future: Reflect on why school libraries exist and how they can make a difference in learning communities.
  • Explore new ways to solve challenging problems: Work collaboratively with others and try new approaches.
  • Strengthen the profession: Document strategies, both successful and unsuccessful, in changing mindsets about the role school libraries can play in changing lives.

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