The Lilead Project team called the target population of its study “supervisors,” all the while knowing that the individuals in these positions might actually be called something else. In fact, the first question these “supervisors” were asked in the 2012 survey was: “What is the title of your position?”

The results:

Not one title got an overwhelming majority, and “supervisor” wasn’t on the top of the list. The breakdown in titles:

  • Coordinator: 28 percent of respondents;
  • Director: 24 percent;
  • Supervisor: 16 percent;
  • Specialist: 10 percent;
  • Librarian: 9 percent
  • Manager: 4 percent;
  • Teacher: 3 percent;
  • Administrator: 2 percent.

The results for the rest of the title – as in, “coordinator of …” – also varied. The full title shared by the most respondents was “library services coordinator,” and just 3 percent of the survey population gave that response. However, 64 percent of the titles included “library” and 44 percent included “media.”

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