Demographics and Knowledge

Survey respondents were asked to provide personal demographic information as well as details on their education and prior job experience. Some of the results were expected: Eighty percent of respondents were female, 87 percent were white, and nearly 50 percent were nearing retirement age (between ages 55 and 64). Other data Demographicsrevealed the variations in experience and the requirements for the supervisor position. One respondent reported that immediately before being named supervisor she was a library clerk: “I got my master’s degree and now I am in charge of 45 libraries.”

Highlights of the education and job data:

  • 61 percent said they had an MLS (or equivalent) and 64 percent reported that their current position required an MLS;
  • 41 percent had a master’s degree in education or equivalent and 62 percent said their current position required a teaching certificate;
  • 58 percent said they had experience as a school librarian and 52 percent held this position just before becoming supervisor;
  • 72 percent were formerly classroom teachers and 3 percent held this job just before becoming supervisor;
  • 14 percent served as a district-level administrator other than library services and 7.2 percent held a district-level administrative job just before becoming s

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