Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment each week? Each week, expect to devote approximately 2 to 3 hours of time to working on the course material.

What kind of credit do I earn for participating in the Leaders courses? You will earn 2.0 continuing education units (CEUs) for participating in each course. 

Will my state/district accept CEUs? We cannot confirm whether your state or district would accept CEUs. You would need to check with the office that approves recertification credits. The Lilead Project can provide copies of the syllabi for the courses, which you could submit to the recertification office for review and approval.

Can I earn graduate credit for taking the Leaders courses? The Lilead Leaders courses are not offered for graduate credit.

Can a large group from one school or district sign up together for the Leaders courses? We encourage groups of individuals from a school or school district to enroll in the Lilead Leaders courses together. Please contact the Lilead Project at [email protected] for pricing and registration information.

Do I have to register for all four courses right now? No, you do not have to register for all four courses right now. Registration is currently open for the first course only.

How much do the courses cost? The first course you take is $349. Each subsequent course you take will be $279 ($70 discount for each subsequent course taken).

Who is teaching each course? The Lilead Leaders courses are taught by individuals who are Lilead Fellows or members of the Lilead Project Team.

Do I need to buy books or other materials? No. All content material you need will be provided to you by the instructor or available online. Each of the courses may have supplemental materials that you choose to purchase on your own, but they are optional and will not be a requirement for the course.

Do I have to take the first course to take the other courses? No, you do not need to take the first course in order to take the other courses. However, the courses were built to be taken as a series and you will get the most out of each course if you take them in sequence.

Are the Leaders courses the same as the Fellows Program? No. The Leaders courses are 5-8 week short, online courses that are available to anyone in school librarianship who wants to grow in the leadership capacity and enact change in their sphere of influence. The Fellows Program is an intense, 12-month long professional development program that has in-person and virtual sessions to empower, enable, and equip school library professionals working at the district level.

Will I be a Fellow if I take the Leaders courses? No. However, individuals who complete all four courses will be designated as Lilead Leaders.

Are the entire courses online? Yes.

Are the courses synchronous or asynchronous? The courses are asynchronous, but each instructor may choose to have 1 or 2 synchronous sessions depending on the topic and/or structure of the week.

Do I need any specific/special technology to take the courses? For the best experience, students are expected to have access to a computer, high-speed internet access, a webcam (or cell phone that can record short videos), and a microphone.

I am a library aide, can I still take the Leaders courses? The Lilead Leaders courses are designed for individuals who are responsible for directing or managing school library programs at the building, district, or state levels. The courses are not intended for individuals who are not responsible for directing programs.

I am a library student, can I still take the Leaders courses? You may take the courses, but it is not advised. This series of courses is meant to be continuing education for individuals currently directing or managing school library programs at the building, district or state levels. The courses are not designed for pre-service librarians.

Can I pay with a PO? The online registration site requires payment for the courses by credit card. For alternative payment options, please contact the Lilead Project at [email protected]