Fellows Program FAQ

What is a school district library supervisor?

The Lilead Project defines a school district Library Supervisor as the individual at the district-level who is responsible for establishing and communicating the vision, mission, policies, and procedures for the school library program and who serves as the primary advocate for the program.  This individual supports, advises, and provides professional development for building-level library staff, and is the authority within the school district on matters related to school library services for superintendents and other district-level administrators, principals, parents, and the community at large. Regardless of the title that the individual holds (e.g., supervisor, director, coordinator, manager, teacher-leader, etc), s/he is the administrator who works to ensure that school library programs support and enhance the instructional efforts of the school district.

What is the time commitment for the Fellows Program?

A significant amount of time is required from each Lilead Fellow. In addition to engaged participation at the three in-person Fellows meetings, Fellows will actively participate in 4 short online courses that will last from 6-8 weeks each and will require Fellows to do a number of readings, assignments, and reflections. There will also be readings and assignments that correspond to the activities at the three in-person meetings. All of the readings, assignments, and reflections will require a significant amount of effort. Fellows are also expected to attend regular virtual meetings (through video or phone conferencing) with their mentor and mentor group.

What does it cost to be a part of the Fellows Program?

There are no application or registration fees to participate in the Fellows Program.  However, it is possible that the $1,000 travel stipend will not cover all costs for participation in the required meetings. Lilead Fellows (or their school districts) will be responsible for these expenses.

What financial support is available through the program?

Each Fellow will receive a $1,000 stipend in August 2017 following the Summer Institute to support him/her in their lodging and travel to and from the three in-person meetings. All other expenses are the responsibility of the Fellow’s district (in professional development funding) or the Fellow him/herself.

How long does the program last?

The official program will begin in July 2017 at the Summer Institute in Norfolk, VA, and end in June 2018 at a pre-conference to the ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA. If available, Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in community meetings at the 2017 ALA Annual Conference in Chicago, IL and the 2018 ALA Midwinter Meeting in Denver, CO, but these meetings are not required and are not officially a part of the Fellows Program.

What skills will I gain through the program?

Fellows in the program will work on a wide range of professional development. Fellows will work on specific skills in areas such as effective communication, strengths-based leadership, and coalition-building, among others. Additionally, the Program will focus on themes and the application of skills in transformational change, policy-making influence, and administrative abilities.

What kind of technology is required to participate in the program?

For the virtual sessions and short courses, Fellows will need to have broadband access to the internet, a device capable of video conferencing, and standard programs for word processing. For additional projects, Fellows typically use online programs for limited amounts of photo editing, graphic design, video recording and editing, and other basic technology applications.

Am I eligible to participate if I have other district level responsibilities in addition to library programs?

Yes, as long as you are assigned district-level supervision of libraries in addition to your other responsibilities, you are eligible. 

Am I eligible to participate if I’m not full time at the district level?

Yes, as long as your are officially designated by your district as the person responsible for coordinating school library programs.

Am I eligible to participate if I am not classified as an administrator (if I don’t have administrative certification)?

Yes.  Certification as an administrator is not required for participation in the Lilead Fellows program.

Am I eligible to participate if I volunteer for a leadership position in my district, but my job assignment is to work as a elementary/middle/high school librarian?

No, you must be officially designated by your district as the person responsible for coordinating school library programs.

Am I eligible to participate if there are no building-level librarians in my district?

Yes. Eligibility in the program is based on the supervisor’s role, and not the staffing of building level positions.