The Lilead Fellows Program Mission

The Lilead Fellows Program is a network of activists – district-level school library supervisors who work together and with others to bring about change in schools, communities, and the profession. Through research and reflection, peer-to-peer interactions, collaborative problem-solving, and mentoring, the Lilead Fellows are:

Empowered to be innovative and creative leaders who:

  • Think outside the prevailing traditional paradigms.
  • Look toward the future and think deeply and differently about why school libraries exist and how they can make a difference in learning communities.
  • Are undeterred by the obstacles that may stand in the way of changing mindsets about how school library programs can change lives.
  • Refocus advocacy efforts on how our profession can make a difference in people’s lives rather than on the importance of school libraries and school librarians.

Enabled to think deeply, critically, and passionately about the goals and purposes of libraries in schools and become forces of change who:

  • Dedicate themselves to ensuring that the student, teacher, administrator, and community are always at the center of decisions that are made about school library programs.
  • Ask the difficult and uncomfortable questions about our profession and themselves as information professionals.
  • Take risks in tackling difficult challenges their district faces.
  • Step outside their comfort zones to work collaboratively with others to try new approaches to addressing problems.

Equipped with the tools and skills needed to transform learning and teaching for student success, and who:

  • Connect with each other through a nationwide network to provide support and assistance in bringing about change.
  • Explore new ways to solve challenging problems.
  • Document strategies, successful and unsuccessful, to expand their knowledge base and strengthen the profession.
  • Become experts in their work and mentors for others.

Lilead Fellows have big ideas about what school libraries can and must be and make innovative changes to enable school library programs to truly make a difference in the lives of all members of their school communities. Lilead Fellows are avid learners, passionate leaders, transformational risk-takers, and inspirational peers within their districts and beyond.

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