2015/2016 Fellow Susan Grigsby Talks New Job in Singapore in SLJ Article

15/16 Lilead Fellow Susan Grigsby published an article in School Library Journal titled “New Job, New Country, New Literature: A librarian starts a new chapter in Singapore.”

In it, Susan discusses the challenges of abruptly moving across the globe to a country in which she is not a native speaker.  Challenges that include physically packing up and moving, adjusting to a new culture where reading is highly valued, and learning about books and authors hailing from Asian countries.  However, Susan also explains some of the revelations she’s had while in Singapore.  She discusses the beauty of students telling her what authors to read and what book to pick up next.  She also reveals the joy of reading literature from other cultures and how this can be a more sober way of learning about other cultures.

You can read the full article here.

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