Program Details and Timeline

Program Details

The Lilead Fellows receive financial support to work in three distinctive ways:

  • Face-to-Face Meetings in which Fellows work together and with mentors to share ideas and possible solutions to challenges addressed throughout the Program.
  • Virtual Work Sessions give participants the opportunity to remain connected to each other between face-to-face meetings and to maintain a support network as they tackle day-to-day struggles.
  • The Summer Institute is an intense learning forum where Fellows think strategically and work collaboratively towards their intended goals, as well as explore new ways to solve their district’s most pressing problems.

Benefits to Participating Fellows

  • An opportunity to work with other supervisors and leaders in the field to develop new skills and find solutions to real-world problems
  • A tablet computer with professional development materials pre-loaded
  • $1000 travel stipend for face-to-face meetings (listed below)
  • Lodging at all face-to-face meetings
  • Most meals at face-to-face meetings

Timeline for the 2015-2016 Lilead Fellows Program

November 14, 2014 Fellows Selected and Announced
January 2015 Initial Meeting (at ALA Midwinter in Chicago, IL)
July 2015 3-Day Summer Institute (in College Park, MD)
November 2015 Works in Progress Meeting (at AASL National in Columbus, OH)
June 2016 Final Fellows Meeting (at ALA Annual in Orlando, FL) — optional