Fellow Kathy Moore Reinstated as San Ramon Poet Laureate, Participates in Harvard GSE Leadership Program

Lilead Fellow Dr. Kathy Moore of the San Ramon Valley Unified School District has been recently reinstated as the City of San Ramon’s Poet Laureate for a third term, extended through 2018. Kathy has served as the City of San Ramon’s Poet Laureate since 2012. 

Dr. Moore has also just concluded her participation in the Aspiring School Leadership Program at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, together with 73 other educators from across the globe. During the program she was able to gain the tools needed to promote educational excellence in a leadership role, building upon knowledge gained through the Lilead Fellows Program, as well as from her Doctorate in Educational Leadership for Social Justice from California State University East Bay and her M.A. in Teacher Leadership from St. Mary’s.

The following is a poem written by Kathy while at Harvard on November 12, 2016. Please visit her blog for more poetry.

Of thee I sing











The sky is threatening rain today

this day after the day after the day after

still I travel on

aimlessly passing strangers hugging signs and sorrows

heads down

eyes hooded,

lost in our collective quiet shame


In fading afternoon light

I pass a cemetery of the revolution

where thin and fragile tombstones

draped in dropped November leaves

stand as witness to our history,

America the Beautiful lies buried here

lost and restless deep below

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