Lilead’s Dr. Ann Weeks Talks Library Power and Lilead Fellows in Teacher Librarian feature

Lilead’s Dr. Ann Weeks has published a feature article in the October issue of Teacher Librarian about the Lilead Fellows Program. Almost twenty-five years after the creation of the National Library Power Project, the Lilead Fellows Program, an initiative funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), is benefiting from many of the lessons learned during the Project, particularly by the Library Power Directors and district library supervisors. Weeks compares the two programs, highlighting similar goals and major differences. Of the project, she says:

“The Lilead Fellows are turning up the volume of a revolution started by Library Power.”

Weeks, A.C. (2016). From Library Power to the Lilead Fellows Program: Creating School Libraries that Young People Deserve. Teacher Librarian, 44, (1), pp. 12-15.

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