“The Lilead Fellows Program: An Alternative Approach for Preparing School Library Leaders”

Presented by Christie Kodama and Jeffrey DiScala at the 2016 ALISE Conference in Boston, MA.

Abstract: The Lilead Fellows Program, funded in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, is designed to enhance the leadership skills and administrative expertise of school district library supervisors through long-term professional development (PD). The program empowers, enables, and equips supervisors to make innovative and transformational changes in their districts so that school library programs can truly make a difference in the lives of all members of their school communities. These changes are achieved through the collaborative work and learning opportunities of 25 supervisors from across the country, both in person and online over an 18-month period. Participants focus on the implementation of curriculum standards for 21st century skills, integrating technology, and increasing advocacy for library programs. These PD needs were identified through nationwide surveys on the roles, responsibilities, and challenges of supervisors. The program takes a unique approach in both its long-term nature and in working directly with district library supervisors, who are often invisible in their school districts and typically do not receive the same administrative training as other district level employees.

“Who Do I Need To Be Today? The Roles and Responsibilities of the School District Library Supervisor”

Presented at the IASL Conference in April 2015 in Austin Texas.

“Virtual Mentoring: Building active, online communities that strengthen school library programs.”

Alexandra Moses presented this concurrent panel discussion at ALA Midwinter 2013. The two panelists other panelists were Christine Schein, president of the Colorado Association of School Libraries, and Andrea Christman, library supervisor for Montgomery County (Md.) Public Schools. They shared their in-depth knowledge of developing online communities at the state and local levels.

“Survey Says: A Family Feud Exploration of Your School District Library Supervisor.’“

Jeffrey DiScala presented this concurrent session at ALA Midwinter 2013 and the AASL Conference 2013.  This Bring-Your-Own-Device session challenged attendees to answer the Who, What When, Where, and Why of their own district library supervisor.

“Preliminary Results from the Lilead Survey of School District Library Supervisors,”

The Lilead Project research team presented a Webinar,  on April 23, 2013.

“Asking the Beautiful Questions About School Library Supervisors: An Initial Inquiry“

Presented by Dr. Ann C. Weeks and Jeffrey DiScala at the January 2013 ALISE 2013 conference.

“Under Investigation: The Supervisor Situation,”

Presented by Dr. Sheri Massey, Alexandra Moses, and Rebecca Follman at the Maryland Association of School Librarians conference in October, 2012.