Fellows Program FAQ OLD

When are applications due?
The deadline for applications is passed.

The application requires a letter of support. Who should write this letter of support?
All applicants must provide a letter of support from an individual in their school district. It is highly recommended that this letter of support come from the applicant’s immediate supervisor. This is to demonstrate awareness of the application, support for the efforts that will be required of the applicant, and encouragement to work on challenges in the school district that school libraries are facing.

Who is eligible to apply for the Lilead Fellows Program?
All individuals who are the supervisor for library services in their school district are eligible to apply for the Fellows Program. All applicants must be officially recognized by the school district as a supervisor of library services. This may not be the applicant’s only role, but it must be a part of their role. For instance, a building-level librarian that is recognized by their district through title or compensation is eligible for the Fellows Program at this time. Any individual that has simply taken on further responsibilities, but is not officially recognized by their school district, is not eligible to participate. If you have further questions regarding your eligibility, please contact us directly.

Will my travel expenses be covered?
We are offering a stipend of $1,000 for travel expenses to each individual for the three face-to-face meetings in Chicago, Boston, and College Park, MD. Any costs above and beyond $1,000 will the responsibility of the participant and/or their school district.

Will my hotel expenses be covered?
Yes. The Fellows Program will pay for all lodging during the time of required face-to-face meetings in Boston, Chicago, and College Park, MD.

Will my meal expenses be covered?
The Fellows program will cover most meals during required face-to-face meetings. Fellows will be expected to make their own arrangements for some meals. Fellows will not be provided with a per diem of any kind.

Will my ALA conference registration fees be covered?
No. While the Fellows Program will have face-to-face meetings before two ALA conferences (and a third conference, which is optional), the conferences are not a part of the program. We encourage Fellows to stay for the conference, but we cannot cover any cost of registration, lodging, or meals after the completed Fellows meeting.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.