Debi Shultz

Centralia School District

Debi began her teaching career using Apple IIe computers to teach high school students how to code in BASIC programming language. Soon, she also taught classes on how to use a variety of computer application programs to do word processing and spreadsheets. When the high school librarian became overwhelmed with “technology” in the library, Debi became her go to person – and fell in love with working in a school library. It wasn’t too long before Debi completed Washington’s “Learning Resources” endorsement so that she could pursue a certificated Teacher Librarian position.

Debi has been the Teacher Librarian at an evening alternative high school (2 years), middle school (20 years), and for the past five years the Library Director and High School Teacher Librarian in Centralia School District (WA). Debi completed the “Learning Resources” endorsement along with her MLIS (1995, U of WA) and National Board Certification in Library Media (2005-2025).

Engaging, educating, empowering – and even sometimes entertaining – is part of almost everything Debi does. As a member of the 2017-2018 Lilead Fellows Program, she am looking forward to learning, sharing, and collaborating with her colleagues and instructors.