The Lilead Project

Lilead Community Meeting Held at 2017 ALA Midwinter

John Chrastka of EveryLibrary

The Lilead Project recently held its first Community Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, prior to the ALA Midwinter Meeting. The Lilead Project and attendees were joined by John Chrastka of EveryLibrary, who led a seminar and discussion on coalition-building, policy-making, and action and activism for librarians focused on ESSA legislation.

The meeting brought together Fellows from the first cohort of the Lilead Fellows Program, sponsors and supporters of the Lilead Project, and leaders and practitioners in school libraries. Attendees learned about and discussed opportunities for school library stakeholders to become involved in the legislative process surrounding policy for school libraries. Chrastka shared

Lilead Fellows Mentor Barbara Stripling

his experiences working with public libraries across the country on referendums and legislation to the session, and discussed opportunities for school libraries to take similar action.

This was the first Community Meeting for the Lilead Project. Future meetings will be held on the Friday preceding ALA Midwinter and Annual conferences and before the AASL National Conference. The meetings provide opportunities for stakeholders and leaders in school libraries to come together and discuss ways to support students, schools, and school districts. If you would like to hear about future Community Meetings, please contact us and let us know.

2015-2016 Fellow Priscille Dando contributed a write-up on the meeting to School Library Journal; read it here!